Impress Sellers with Globalized Marketing

Proxio Connect

Proxio Connect is an International Broker 2 Broker and Agent 2 Agent network serving real estate professionals in 120+ countries.

Agents present their listings and can promote other listings as their own in a global network of over 750,000 professionals.


  • Proxio turns listing information into multiple languages and currencies
  • TourFactory automatically creates a Proxio Connect listing site for all of the agents listings.
  • Proxio Connect is included with a Suite Leader TourFactory Membership

The Suite Leader Membership is  $49.99 per month and it also includes Custom Branding and TourFactory Voice along with unlimited Premium Property Websites for all your listings.


Collabra Technology delivers a new marketing model, allowing companies or entire industries to control branding, track results, manage product information, distribute products globally, and more...

Grow your business?
Enjoy having more inventory to share with your clients and get exposure to new property developments.


Gain greater exposure for your listing?
Make your listing available to buyers around the world with automatically-created multilingual marketing materials.


Build referral business?
Network with agents everywhere to help your clients find second homes and help other agents’ clients find homes near you.


Win more presentations?
Impress prospective clients with automatically-created amazing digital marketing that positions you as an exceptional professional.

Agent XL

Agent XL includes two listing sites.  TourFactory's Premium Property Website and an upgraded version of a Proxio Connect listing site called ""Proxio Showcase".


  • Proxio Showcase creates an exceptional digital marketing package for every property and provides easy and effective ways to promote listings to buyers locally and worldwide in multiple languages and currencies.
  • Your listing is posted on

The Proxio Showcase Upgrade Includes: 

  • An enhanced placement at the top of international property search
  • Comes with advanced flyers and analytics
  • It also offers additional language and currency options

The Agent XL pricing of $129.99 per listing includes our Premium Property Website that is normally $49.99 per listing and the enhanced Proxio Showcase Site.


Download flyer below.

Agent XL

Download flyer below.