Frequently Asked Questions

Placing An Order

You can order online in your account to see products, pricing, samples and photographer availability.  You can also contact our Customer Service at 888-458-3943 and they will be happy to place the order for you.


After the order is placed, the photographer will contact the agent as soon as possible to schedule.  It is TourFactory's policy that photographers may not schedule a photo appointment without an order.


Our daytime turnaround is next business day by 4pm.  Nighttime photography involves additional detailed editing.  That turnaround is two business days.

Who Owns The Photos?

We believe that the agent owns the photos when they are used for sale or for rent of the property.  It is up to the agent if they would like to sell the photos to another agent.  We do not re-sell the photos that we do for real estate.  A site or photos will not be shared without the original agents' written approval.  If the photos are used for outside real estate (builders, designers, etc...)  then we do reserve copyright and there may be a fee involved.

Products & Services Pricing

Please download our current

Products and Pricing Guide below.

Pricing may vary due to photographers pricing and/or out of coverage fees.  It is always best to visit online to see availability, products, pricing and samples of photographers work.

Preparing Your Listing

In order to provide you and your owners with professional media for the listing, it is so important to have everything ready upon our arrival.  Please download and share the below Owners Guide to "Preparing Your Home for Photography".

Who Does GloPro Media work with?

Since 2005, we have been an Affiliate Member of the Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors.  We have always only worked with Real Estate Agents and Brokers. We are committed and loyal to the Real Estate industry.
We do not work with FISBO's (For Sale by Owner) or with homeowners directly.

What are Premium Property Websites?